Over 20 Years Experience


Tax Preparation

Brian has extensive knowledge on tax issues and preparation. Below is a list of a few standard tax preparation services we offer; however, we are able to accommodate any situation.

  • 1040-EZ
  • Self-Employed
  • S-Corps
  • LLCs
  • Partnerships
  • C-Corps

Free State Filing for one state - many companies will add a state filing fee on as an extra fee to their advertised price. With Affordable Tax & Accounting the first state is free and each additional state has a filing fee starting at $40.


Types Of Returns

Individual Tax Returns


  • 1040-EZ/W2 Only
  • 1040A
  • Standard 1040
  • Military Overseas
  • Seniors
  • Self-Employed/Schedule C Filing
  • K-1s

Business Returns


  • Small Business/Self Employed
  • S-Corps
  • LLCs
  • Partnerships
  • C-Corps
  • Starting at $395 per return plus $10/K-1

Trust Tax Returns

  • Simple Trusts
  • Complex Trusts
  • Qualified Disability Trusts

Starting at $295.00

Decedent's Estate Tax Return

When someone passes away and they have taxable assets in their own name you need to set up a Decedent's Tax ID Number and then file a Decedent's Estate Tax Return.

Starting at $350.00

Self Employed Schedule C, E & F Returns

  • Real Estate Rental Properties
  • MLM's
  • Side Businesses
  • On-line Sales Businesses
  • Ebay or Amazon Self Employed Businesses
  • Insurance Agent Tax Returns
  • Real Estate Agent Tax Returns
  • 1099-MISC income Returns

Part of the Personal 1040 Return - Starting at $100 per Sch C or E

Amended Tax Returns 1040X and Prior Year's Taxes Back to 2001

We can amend your tax returns back to 2001. If you have not filed returns we can prepare your returns from 2001 forward. 


  • Prior Year Tax Preparation: For those who haven't filed in years past (2000 - Present)
  • Bankruptcy Tax Preparation: Get the last 10 years done fast and less expensively

  Affordable Tax & Accounting is about 25%-50%  lower on prices than the average Bountiful or Logan tax preparer or Utah Accountant; and less than Liberty, Jackson Hewitt, H & R Block & Other Chain Preparers. Many of these chain preparers advertise low prices, then add on "hidden fees" in order to file once they've completed the preparation.