IRS Offer In Compromise

 Two Things In Life Are Certain, Death and Taxes.
        Our IRS Back Tax Professionals want to make sure that 

        Taxes don't cause your Death! 

The IRS has established a program to help taxpayers with tax-related debts or back taxes owed to make an offer, then make reduced payments over a 1-2 year period as a "compromise" to paying your entire tax debt. We help you negotiate and lower your tax bill.

The benefits of this service include:

  • All Future Interest Stops - No Interest Accrues
  • You Will Make Payments You Can Afford
  • All IRS Collection Letters Cease
  • The IRS Will Not Seize Your Bank Account or Property
  • All IRS Pay Check Garnishments cease
  • You are back in good graces with the IRS
  • IRS Offers in Compromise Not listed on your credit 



(Generally just $150 - $350 per year to amend or complete tax returns that were filed incorrectly,
haven't been filed yet, or where the IRS originally filed for you.)

Enrolled Agent: The HIGHEST Credential The IRS Awards to any
CPA, Lawyer, or Tax Law Professional

IRS Offer In Compromise Q&A

Can IRS Debt Be Reduced?


 What Can You Do:
Contact an IRS Back  Taxes Pros who can help you amend prior year tax returns to lower your  taxes and penalties. We also work with the IRS to lower your tax debt or  penalties. Therefore, an IRS Enrolled Agent Tax Professional may be  able to work out an agreement where you are paying less than what you  originally owed or perhaps you can have your penalties waved. You or  your businesses can  make and Offer in Compromise and make a lower monthly payment for just 24 months and then you are  completely paid off – including all interest and penalties. Similar to a  chapter 13 bankruptcy but it doesn’t show on your credit and it isn’t public. It is just between you and the IRS.

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Why Would the IRS Work With Me Wen I Owe Back Taxes?


 The IRS has a job of collecting taxes,  however it can cost a lot in time and money to try and collect those  back taxes due. Often they can’t collect because the person isn’t able  to pay or does not have any assets that they can take. In addition,  certain IRS back taxes due are bankruptable. They would rather negotiate  than have you take out bankruptcy.  It is better to get some than none.  With the help of an IRS Back Taxes  Pro, the IRS considers your assets and income and determines an amount  the individual or business could pay if you are not able to pay the tax  amount in full. There is no guarantee that the IRS will agree to reduce  your debt but it is common for them to do so. In addition, it is likely  that your taxes were either not filed (and the IRS made a tax return for  you) or they were filed incorrectly. It may be possible to file or  amend your tax returns and reduce or eliminate some or all of the back  taxes due.

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Why Should I Work with Affordable Tax & Accounting?



Trying  to work with the IRS alone can be frustrating  because they never  answer the phone and their forms and instructions are complicated. There  isn't a software program you can buy, like a tax program, to help you  through this .  Most firms that “specialize” in back tax help charge  high fees for the same service we provide. Other companies generally  charge $2,500 to $12,000 for the same service we provide for $995 to  $1,500. Knowing that you have an AFFORDABLE expert in your corner, as  well as knowing what to expect, is a great relief. In working with an  IRS Enrolled Agent Tax Specialist to settle your tax debt, you can be at  ease knowing that you have an experienced professional that will get  the job done, but do it at a reasonable price. We have many success stories – you might as well be one of them.

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Stop the IRS Letters and Garnishments



Are  you receiving letters from the IRS on taxes due? IRS Back Tax  Professionals move fast to help stop the letters and/or garnishments.  This gives you time to negotiate.

We then work to reduce your  taxes by filing tax returns or amending the ones that were filed  previously. We can work with the IRS to remove or reduce penalties. We  can help with an IRS offer in compromise, setting up reasonable payment  plans, and reducing or eliminating the tax or penalties owed. When you begin an Offer in Compromise the IRS stops current actions against you until the compromise is resolved.

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What Are My Options in working with the IRS?


 If you are receiving letters from  the IRS concerning your tax debt from back taxes due, business taxes,  self employment taxes, etc. or need to reduce your tax penalties, we can  help. We will work with you and the IRS to help work out the best  option for you to settle your back taxes owed.

This may include:

1.     A Monthly Installment Plan.

2.     Filing an  offer in compromise.

3.     Getting  on Uncollectable Status: showing the IRS or the State that no tax  payment can be made at this time so that they do not require any  payments.

4.     Bankruptcy. Certain back tax debts can be discharged in bankruptcy we can help you know if this is a viable option.

5.     Filing or amending tax returns may reduce the amount of tax the IRS says you owe. 

6. Filing and INNOCENT SPOUSE request and have the taxes removed from you and applied to the former spouse, or allocated proportionately so you are responsible for just your share of the taxes.

How Much Does It Cost?




$50 CHARGE FOR INITIAL CONSULTATION - This is applied toward your offer in compromise fees or other services should you go ahead with an Offer, Amending Tax Returns, Etc.